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Adamson heads all-Australian coaching panel
New look Bite heralds next generation of talent
07/07/2017 10:05 PM ET
Throwback: Chris Adamson during his playing days with the Bite in the 2013/14 ABL season.
Throwback: Chris Adamson during his playing days with the Bite in the 2013/14 ABL season. (SMP Images/ABL Media)

The Adelaide Bite, proudly presented by SA Power Networks, will have an all-Australian coaching staff for the 2017/18 season with Chris Adamson named manager. He will be joined by returning assistant coach, Michael Dunn, while Luke Prokopec joins as pitching coach.

Adamson, 29, played 130 games for the Bite over five ABL seasons while he was an assistant coach to Steve Mintz last season, briefly taking over as caretaker manager midway through the campaign. Having also studied under Brooke Knight as a player/coach, Adamson credits the help of past managers.

"I think that [being caretaker manager] was a small taste of what the actual role entails," he said.

"More so just learning from Steve Mintz the last couple of seasons, just on a day-to-day basis, and then in my playing days from Brooke Knight and Tony Harris previous to that.

"They have obviously moulded my idea of what the role actually is and hopefully set me up for as much success as possible."

The influence of past managers and coaches has been crucial in the development of Adamson's journey from player to coach, in particular the work of the Texas Rangers and Mintz. One of the most important lessons for Adamson was the impact of good communication.

"Understanding that communication is a two-way street is important and there needs to be clear lines of communication," he explained.

"Communication between players, myself, the other coaching staff and even the front office is important so everyone understands where they're at and we are all firmly on the same page with what we're trying to achieve."

Alongside Adamson, Dunn and Prokopec bring invaluable experience; Dunn is a former ABL All-Star with the Adelaide Giants while Prokopec was the 11th Australian to play in Major League Baseball with the LA Dodgers and Toronto Blue Jays.

"Luke's new into the Bite program but he has an incredible baseball resume personally. He has been around Australian baseball for a long time and is going to be a huge asset," Adamson said.

"It's really good to have guys that are pretty cluey about the game and be able to bounce ideas off them. We are doing things by committee a lot of the time and it's not just one person on their own. I think that will be great from a development perspective personally."

Dunn echoed the praise of past managers, especially Mintz, while he will play an important role in helping young players adapt to the ABL.

"Just the knowledge that Steve had helps out everybody and it makes your job easier as you go forward. You take some of what he teaches everybody and continue down on that path," Dunn said.

"I think it's highly knowledgeable with our past experiences to help the guys with things they don't understand about the league and the way it's played. We've got a lot of kids so it's a good influence on them to know how things were done in the past and make sure we are all on the same page with set goals."

Remaining on the same page is a recurring theme as Adamson aims to keep developing the culture and identity of the Adelaide Bite Baseball Club.

"I would love nothing more than in two or three years' time that ABL franchises become fairly household names," he explained, "That would mean we're moving in the right direction to achieving our goal which is growing the sport in this country and making it as large as it can be.

"That's one benefit of having a majority of locally based guys and that's one thing which is very prominent now. It's an honour to be given the responsibility of growing the game."

While the season itself is still several months away, with a November start, pre-season begins for those based in Adelaide next week. From there new arrivals will jump straight into what Adamson hopes is a club with a welcoming and inclusive culture.

"The last few years we've just worked towards building the culture that is here and making it a place that people want to come and play," he said.

"I'm a big one on culture and I believe having a good culture is important in making sure everyone is on the right page; we're rowing the boat in the right direction."

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