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Aces in the off-season: Allan de San Miguel
07/06/2017 9:32 PM ET

Originally posted as Australia Catcher Leading Northwest Arkansas Naturals by Reese Miller via 4029 News Website

ROGERS, Ark. - The journey of minor league baseball players can be a grind. Many spend years waiting for a call to the majors that may never come. Allan de San Miguel is still waiting.

"When I was 15 scouts started talking to my parents and when I was 16 I signed with the Minnesota Twins," de San Miguel said. "I left High school. Didn't finish high school or anything like that and started playing baseball."

For 13 years, Allan de San Miguel has played pro baseball. Originally from Perth, Australia, de San Miguel has spent parts of the last two seasons in Northwest Arkansas.

"He's a huge gap in between players from different countries," Vance Wilson, the Naturals Manager said. "Players from here and different backgrounds, so he's just the glue that keeps us together."

He's also hitting .300. But, his presence with the Naturals means much more. At age 29 he's the oldest player on the roster.

"I try to preach to a lot of guys on that team that your day could end tomorrow," de San Miguel said. "Like, would you be done tomorrow and have no regrets? I'd like to live like I have no regrets and give it everything I have."

He's given everything to four organizations and made it to the Triple-A level five times. He even played for Australia in the World Baseball Classic. And even though he's never played in the majors, he's the leader of the Naturals.

"A person like Allan, he's all about his teammates," Wilson said. "Whatever he can do for the team. He really puts his own agenda behind everything else and to me that's what makes him special."

After all these years, de San Miguel's goal is still to get to the big leagues. But, if he never gets the call, that's OK too.

"I go out on the baseball field I play to win, I live my dream," de San Miguel said. "It doesn't matter if it's here or in the big leagues. You still get to do something you love. It's better than working 9-5 back home. "

When he's done playing Miguel wants to coach. He hopes it's for the Royals, but he says he'll only stop playing when teams stop calling.

"I travel the world and love what I do," de San Miguel said. "I live life to the max each day. Not week by week or year by year. Just enjoy the moment."

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