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Learn the Baseball Basics
Kids Start with T-Ball and Other Useful Terms
07/26/2012 3:00 PM ET

Whether your son or daughter are learning the game of baseball for the first time, or the kids are looking for a fun afternoon, Aussie T-Ball is for you.

Check out Everything about Aussie T-Ball Here

Click Here to Look at the Basics of T-Ball

Our Friend Goofy, a big supporter of Victoria Baseball, he gives us a demonstration below.

Courtesy of, here are some basic terms

The Basics The absolute introduction to the game of baseball
Hitting/Getting on Base So what does the guy with the bat in his hand do?
Scoring and Running How to score runs, and all about base running.
Batting Lineup How does the hitting team line up, tactics.
Fielding and Positions Fielding positions, fielding skills and fielding plays.
Rotation and the Bullpen Starting rotation and the bullpen. Who fills which role?
Pitches and Pitching How to pitch, when to pitch it and what they actually pitch!
Regular Season How the Regular Season works. All 162 games!
World Series and Playoffs The Playoffs and the "Fall Classic", the World Series.
Management Who actually runs a baseball team, coaches and management.
Umpires and Scorers What do the officials do, and why they do it.
Statistics Every statistic you've ever heard of is explained here.
The Field of Play No two baseball fields are the same. Here are the details.
All-Star Game The "Midsummer Classic", The World Series.
Common Terms Confused by commentary - here's the jargon-busting section.

Need to Keep Score at a Game? Here's Some Helpful Links from

The Scorecard What you use to keep score
Getting Started Now you have a scorecard, now what?
Scoring Ok, what's a 6-3, F9 and L6?
Substitutions Jimmy is Going to Play Right in the 6th... now what?
After the Game How do we know Sammy went 1-for-4?

Never be afraid to ask questions! Your fellow fans, coaches and former players are glad to share the game with you!

This story was not subject to the approval of the Australian Baseball League or its clubs.